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Our Services Include:

Commercial Fencing Contractors Oxford, Witney, Bicester & Oxfordshire

Pittaway Fencing contractors cover a large area in Southern England including Oxford, Witney, Bicester, Carterton & all of Oxfordshire. Pittaway Fencing can offer the supply and installation of an extensive range of commercial fencing, which spans from the high security steel palisade fencing to the more conventional timber collection, including gates and also chain link fencing. We as fencing contractors cover all commercial sites, which include schools, building sites, local authorities and industrial properties.

Newt Fencing & Agricultural Fencing Oxford, Witney...

Newt Fencing is basically a barrier to trap endangered Newts, Amphibians and Reptiles in or out of a specific area. This is to protect them whilst works are being carried out on comercial sites etc. There is a varied range of wildlife fencing including permanent and temporary. The Great Crested Newt and its habitat are protected by law, due to the significant decline in the recent decades, largely due to habitat loss. The Newt Fencing system that we can supply and install provides a solution to help protect against this loss.

Agricultural Fencing has an extensive range of uses. It is predominantly used to for animals including Livestock for example:

  • Stock Fencing
  • Deer Fencing
  • Post and Rail
  • Rabbit Netting

Commercial Fencing Services:

Bow Top Railing

Bow Top Railing is an ideal pedestrian barrier used in particular in schools and colleges. It serves a purpose of safety with its strong and rigid construction as well as being visually pleasing. Again there is a wide range of colours and sizes available.

Close Board Fencing

Close Board Fencing is a traditional wooden fencing, commonly used on building sites as the Perimeter fence for new builds. The Close Board comes in a range of heights and different Materials including concrete options.

Wildlife & Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fencing has a wide range of uses, it can be used as a very impressive security fence with its added height and barb wire but also can be used for sporting activities such as Ball Courts. A chain link fence is the perfect answer when a cost-effective and durable solution is needed.

Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing can be used in a variety of areas, including warehouses, sport facilities, airports to name a few. Mesh fencing provides both high level of security and visibility.


Hoarding is a Timber fencing commonly used to enclose building sites. The fence is made from ply board and painted to the client's specifications.

Commercial Fencing & Landscaping

We also cover all aspects of Hard & Soft landscaping for example:

  • Turfing and Seeding
  • Tree Plantations
  • Planting
  • Top Soiling
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Slabbing and Block Paving

For a tailored no obligation quote or for more information about garden fencing, commercial fencing, agricultural fencing or any other services please give us a call or alternatively, get in touch using out contact form.

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