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Wooden Fencing: The Perfect Choice for Domestic Gardens?

Posted on by Sarah

Fences are often a necessary part of marking out a property boundary and keeping the family safely inside, while making sure that any unsavoury elements are kept out. However, sometimes choosing which fence to erect can be a matter of some debate within the family and even within the neighbourhood.

It is all too easy to make a pleasant residential area to look something like a series of prisons, with tall obtrusive metal fences dominating the views all around. There is a growing appreciation of wooden fencing these days, and with many good reasons:

Benefits of Wood over Metal?

Wooden fencing is cheaper to produce and far more environmentally friendly, being a naturally renewable product, than metal fencing poles and wire.

Another great advantage of wooden products is that they require less industrial processing before they are ready to use. The use of sustainable trees to make wooden fences is an environmentally sound way to protect your home.

Easier Repairs: Cost Effective Solutions

Wooden fencing is more cost effective, as stated above, but it continues to give the benefit of money saved. Should you need to repair your wooden fence you can simply replace the individual posts or panels that are damaged, rather than having to replace the entire fence as with some metal options.

Wooden is fairly forgiving of repair, with the newer panels or posts quickly aging to match the rest of the fence, and, if treated properly, a wooden fence can last for many years.

The Eye of the Beholder

The final advantage of wooden fences may sound like something of a weak benefit, but it is, in fact, one of the best reasons for choosing a wooden fence – put simply wooden fencing looks incredibly appealing.

People are generally automatically drawn to the warmth and strength of wood, not to mention the ease at which the natural appearance of the wood blends with the rest of the garden; the cold, uncaring feel of stone or metal does not resonate with us in the same way that wood does.

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