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Our Services Include:

Security Fencing Solutions for Homes & Businesses in Oxford, Banbury, Burford, Witney and Surrounding Areas

For those looking to protect their property, regardless of size, against intruder access, security fencing is a proactive, preventative solution which acts as a crime deterrent and helps to combat attacks.

Pittaway Fencing offers solutions to both residential and commercial properties which help to protect homes from intrusion or provide an impregnable force around the perimeter of a business premises.

Commercial Security Fencing in Oxford, Witney and Surrounding Areas

Key decision makers for businesses will recognise the importance of protecting their premises from security threats. Security fencing offers site protection from a wide range of possible attacks including vandalism, break-ins and threats to infrastructure.

Security fencing installations can be tailored to the needs of a business, with site-specific threats in mind. This ensures the best possible protection for your premises. Ideal for commercial properties, security fencing offers access control and round the clock protection from intrusion.

Residential Security Fencing in Banbury, Burford, Swindon and Nearby Areas

Garden and home security is a primary concern for most homeowners. Sleep easier at night by installing security fencing which offers peace of mind.

When you think of security fencing, you may conjure imposing images of barbed wire. With Pittaway Fencing, the boundaries of your home can be both secure and decorative. We have various fencing styles available to offer a range of security levels.

Leading Fencing Contractors in Oxfordshire

Our experienced and reliable contractors at Pittaway Fencing offer a hassle-free security fence installation service which is tailored to your needs. We have various types of high security fencing and gates available alongside anti-intruder systems which combine to protect your business or home.

Our company offers security solutions which help to control access to the property and prevent entry by unauthorised personnel; not only that, they are also tailored to your requirements. Our contractors ensure that your security fencing is the most suitable type for your property and also that it meets your requirements in terms of budget, style and specification.

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