Durable & Protective Security Fencing for Schools & Colleges

Security is of highest importance to protect both the children & the staff but also understanding that it is a place of learning & not a prison so finding the right balance of these two factors is essential.

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Steel Palisade

A fence which is not only secure but looks the part.

  • Choice of Steel thickness depending on your requirements

  • Galvanised or Galvanised & Powder coated in a colour of your choice

  • Choice of tops: Tri pointed/single pointed or rounded on a lower level fence

  • Height range from less then a metre to 4 metres tall
  • Gates available to suit

Chainlink/Welded Mesh

A fencing system which both protects & provides good visibility.

  • Choice of high tensile strength in the chianlink & welded mesh

  • Choice of posts: Timber, concrete, Steel angle or box section

  • Galvanised And/or coated in black or green

  • Gates also available to suit

Rigid Mesh System

A fencing system that can provide different levels of protection as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

  • Choice of Colours
  • Choice of Heights
  • Resistant to climbing
  • Gates also available to suit

Picket Fencing

A soft fence that can divide areas of the outside learning areas.

  • Choice of Pale Tops

  • Choice of heights

  • Timber posts with guarantees & extension of post life can be added
  • Can be painted any colour

  • Gates also available to suit

Hit & Miss Fencing

An attractive fence to hide away the refuse areas at your school or college.

    Sports & Ball Court Fencing

    Ball Court Fencing is a necessity when it comes to containing the high flying balls from the country’s budding young athletes at our schools, colleges & education centres.

    Old time favourites like Chain Link Fencing which comes in a large variety of heights and colours are available but the Rigid Mesh systems are more commonly used now with the same benefits as the chain link fencing but you can have it colour coded to your schools colour preference.

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