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We can source a huge range of materials and have experience with installation of security fences, whether that is to protect your home or your business.

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Steel Palisade

A fence which is not only secure but looks the part.

  • Choice of Steel thickness depending on your requirements

  • Galvanised or Galvanised & Powder coated in a colour of your choice

  • Choice of tops: Tri pointed/single pointed or rounded on a lower level fence

  • Height range from less then a metre to 4 metres tall
  • Gates available to suit

Chainlink/Welded Mesh

A fencing system which both protects & provides good visibility.

  • Choice of high tensile strength in the chianlink & welded mesh

  • Choice of posts: Timber, concrete, Steel angle or box section

  • Galvanised And/or coated in black or green

  • Gates also available to suit

Rigid Mesh System

A fencing system that can provide different levels of protection as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

  • Choice of Colours
  • Choice of Heights
  • Resistant to climbing
  • Gates also available to suit


Hoarding to protect your site, business or project.

  • Choice of colours: Including your own company branding

  • Specification choice on posts & board
  • Gates framed in steel available

  • Gates framed in timbers available

Amphibian Fencing

A fencing system that protects amphibians & reptiles & their homes from building sites.

  • Amphibian exclusion fencing
  • TAF fencing
  • Drift fencing
  • Barrier fencing

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